The fertilisation process shown by a 3D artist

That's where I have a slight problem with this gif. There's a few minor details in this gif that aren't accurate, but the amount of sperm grinds my gears the most. Not nearly that many sperm make it to the fallopian tube, much less the egg. Out of the millions and millions of sperm released in ejaculation, only a few dozen will make it to the fallopian tubes, and even fewer will make it to the egg.

99% of them die in the vagina. 99% of the survivors will die in the cervix. 99% of those survivors will die in the uterus. And most of the remaining survivors will die in the fallopian tube because the sperm have to go into a hyperactive mode in close proximity to the egg in order to fertilize. They can only stay in the hyperactive mode for a short time, then they die. If they do it too early, they die before reaching the egg.

There's so many perils sperm have to face that it's a wonder human reproduction is even possible. Between the general piss poor production of sperm that favors quantity over quality (about 80% of sperm in a healthy man are defective), the fact they tend to get tangled up together when in close proximity to one another inside the female body, the uterus literally thinking that sperm are parasites that need to be killed, and the general fight that sperm have to face to overcome gravity... Altogether, I have no idea how human reproduction is so possible.

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