a few questions about regional heathenry and gods

I'm Pan-Germanic myself, on mobile and away from my source material, so take this with a grain of salt, and this is only my practice.

(I don't have a drop of nordic blood in me)

This is a very silly statement, you have absolutely no idea who all of your relatives were past a few generations. I wish we could move past these types of comments. It's so much more accurate to simply say, "I know my ancestors were from the Rhineland in Germany, so that is were I would like to focus my beliefs." But everything is blood, and more blood, and pseudo-genetics. Alright, rant over.

I'm curious as to what the continental germanics (?) called their deities name wise?

There is so little information preserved from Continental Germanic beliefs. It is further complicated by the fact that much of what is preserved was written by foreign sources. That is why I consider myself Pan-Germanic, I wish I could be strictly Continental Germanic, but that would just be too much UPG for me. Instead, I look at Anglo-Saxon Heathenism (they did come from the Continent after all, and were only pagan for a short time after settling in Britain), Norse Heathenism and modern practices such as Urglaawe, to create a practice that works for me.

So I will give you a list of my gods/desses, but I don't know off the top of my head if the names are strictly Continental Germanic (grain of salt): Zio, Woden, Fricca, Donar, Sippia, Fro Ing, Háma, Skadhi, Balder, Neorth.

There are some gods/desses that aren't found in the Norse tradition: Holle, Zisa, Seaxneát, and Brechta.

There are some gods that found in the Continental tradition that I still include in my own practice: The Frowe (Freyja), Bragi, and Idunn. But some don't. And Loki hasn't been found to be in the Continental tradition.

I hope this helps, like I said it's just off the top of my head, and it gives you a research base anyways.

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