Few questions about the Thresh Prince

I've been going r>e>w>q in every matchup

I prefer q > w > e > r for more hooks and good sheilds. If I feel I need the damage over the shield (rare) I will go q > e > w > r

i noticed last season for recommended items for thresh it used to have relic coin (not positive if thats the name if it's not i apologize) instead of this season having relic sheild.

which would be the best to take?

I like relic more as it gives your lane more sustain. I feel too passive when taking coin. I also like the upgraded relic more, I prefer to have a shield ready for my carries.

Itemization is obviously dependent on whoever is on and fed on the opposing team. but, i have a question about locket. even if the enemy team only has 1 ap threat would it be the best choice to get after completing sightstone and swifties? I'm asking because of the active the item has that can absorb damage. i'm assuming it is all damage not just magic. (i'm currently at work so i can't check)

I would depend it on who is fed. If that one AP champ is 5/0 and no one else is a threat, sure. But really if they only have one AP then something like Frozen Heart (lowers attack speed) or Randiuns (slows movement speed) would be better. I also like righteous glory if ahead.

usually i build the combined relic sheild and sightstone (forgot what it's called), swifties w/ alarcity, frozen heart, and locket. after i finish these 4 items i never know what to get to round off the build.

If ahead I like righteous glory. If you need something more defensive then I would stick to another MR/Armor item depending on who is the biggest threat on their team. Dead man's plate could be fun but it just got a nerf I think, and I also like zeke's if your adc is a crit lord.

also random question to throw in.... exhaust or ignite. i would assume exhaust if they have for ex. rengar zed talon... basically anyone with burst. but when would it be more optimal to take ignite instead?

Taking ignite is for the early phase of the game to try to secure the early kill and snowball from there. Having said that, I prefer exhaust 9 out of 10 times to peel for my carry or to help secure someone from escaping. Personal preference.

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