A few questions for Americans

In college, there are woke people, but they're not genuinely insane like many people you see on tiktok. I don't know of anyone that unironically talks about pronouns IRL or openly hates on white people and men like I see on tiktok.

I don't personally know any actual trans people, but there are a lot of woke types that do the "he/they" shit on zoom. I don't think it's very common to be genuinely trans.

Fat acceptance is literally an online joke - no one would dare argue this IRL.

Among democrats, the topics I hear most are race, gender, transgenderism, trump bad, republicans are evil and bigoted. Some of the college kids have a residual anti-capitalist tendency, but their priority is race, gender, transgenderism. Among republicans, they're mostly just shitting on Biden and how he's destroying America or talking about how woke and insane democrats are. For apolitical types, it's actually mostly the same as the Republicans right now, weirdly enough.

No one really cares about China.

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