A few questions from someone on the fence.

I am an under 50,under 30, and I don't accept evolution as fact. I won't say it is not fact, I just don't feel like I have enough evidence to say it is based on the available evidence right now. I know apes and humans share more than 90% of our DNA but that does not make us the same or have a common ancestor,it just means we are very similiar.

I can't find enough proof to show that we all descended from the same ancestor, but I can't disprove it,I believe time will reveal whether we did eventually, but obviously not now but in another million years or so to prove whether the evolution hypothesis can be recreated exactly as how it has been theorised now as nature cannot change in the end. Now that we have much more advanced technology than in the past,it should be easier for us to keep track of the changes within each species compared to when humans first roamed Earth, so it is just a question of time to solve the matter.

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