A few tips for Raiders and people playing as the bad guy in the wasteland.

If you wanna be an asshole raider like me, do this:

Go to some random scrub who is in their workshop just minding their own business. Act natural and gain their trust. Once they turn their back on you, claim the workshop. This will activate pvp and give you the first hit advantage. Also, destroying their shit doesn’t add bounty. If you’re lucky you can get their junk they forgot to store. But the caps you spent on claiming the workshop? You get back from killing said player. More often than not, they’ll come running back looking for revenge, just kill them for more caps.

Disclaimer: You’ll almost always get some salties trying to get you back. So if you get griefed or killed or eaten or whatever don’t blame me I’m just giving you info, do what you want with it.

Have fun out there raiders! I’m a monster >:D

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