Fiance, Job, Car, Home - lost it all. Looking to relocate and be free of abuse

Another blurb about this; apologies for the formatting:

I don't know how to explain how it started I was young and fell in love with a liar. I used to lie about everything growing up - I was in an abusive home raising myself as my parents did drugs - so I could relate to her. She was the first person I was truly honest with and I thought we could grow together and learn to trust one another. I called her out on her lies, forgave her for them, and loved her. No one ever forgave me for my lies or mistakes, I thought she could get better. It spiraled out of control when I moved in with her family her lies turned into physical aggression. I felt horrible and thought it was my fault. I worked and worked on it with her, I didn't want to see this person I cared about end up out of control (she was when I met her). She cheated on me again and again at least once a year. I forgave that too, I hoped that if I just loved her unconditionally she'd see what she had. I quit my job to be closer to hers, moved into our new place, we recently got engaged. I thought it actually turned around and it did for about 5 months then it got worse. Police were called, I begged them to not press charges (she'd never be in the medical field if I did). The state tried to because I had been a victim of domestic abuse with my parents, but I pled enough to the DA to get the state to drop the charge s on her We moved out to another apartment, promised to start over. It was so hard, but I just wanted to do what was right. No one ever believed in me growing up, not even my own family, and I didn't want her to feel that way. Years pass with physical abuse, her cheating, and me forgiving her. things were destroyed by her in fits of anger. Come new years day (her birthday), it's over. She's on craigslist with 4-5 different guys dating her unaware of who she truly is - just trying to get their "share" - she's trying to get some old guy to be her sugar daddy She's just a lost cause of lies, narcissism, and attention seeking. And not only was I manipulated, but I was her enabler. I never held her responsible fully for things. Now here I am, moving to another state no car (she sold it so we could "buy her a new car"; i thought it would make her happy/raise her self esteem), no job, no money, and no place to live. I'm bunkering at different people's houses until I make it out to utah

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