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I just don't see what is inherently wrong with diversity. Or, I don't see what's so special about the bit of land we live on, maybe? Like, why is it that we get to live here. Our ancestors lived here? Where did they live before they lived here? When in time do we draw the line saying it's grand to move to this bit of land in the sea and settle down and raise a family. If your family didn't do that 2000 years ago, feck off? Or before the 1500s then feck off? 1600s? 1700s? 1950s? 2000s? How does that decision get made, who has the right to make it?

Why is the culture we have now the best? Or was it the culture we had in the 80s, when we it was us leaving instead of people coming here? Why can't it change? Should Christianity have not come to Ireland, Celtic culture was better? The Normans or the Vikings shouldn't have brought their culture here? Isn't culture just a changing thing anyway, and trying to stop it from changing, or stopping "outsiders" from changing it, a futile task?

Or even, fuck culture. Fuck ancestry. Fuck nationalism. They're just an idea. They're not real, not like someone trying to pave their way in life is real, someone who's trying to better their life, and their children's lives. My dad did it. Worked abroad and sent money back to my mam and sister, so they could survive. And I'm here as a result of that. How can I turn to someone and say they can't do the same, they can't provide for their children, because I want preserve some idea, or because I want all my neighbours to look like me, because someone published a paper that said that that reduces solidarity in the short run?

I have family in all four corners of the earth. Aunts and Uncles who left to places that had never seen a ginger before and brought all of their Irishness with them. Should they not have, to avoid some social tension? Because people would frown upon the growing Irish communities that they hadn't seen before? Well fuck it, they did. Loads of Irish people did, for decades if not centuries at this point. And now that we've had a few years of a Celtic Tiger we turn our noses up to people who are just like us? Mass emigration of Irish people is still a living memory, it's still happening to young Irish people right now! But it's a one way street? Fuck that.

Like, if I could look back at it, after everything is finished, after I die, my children die, after the concept of Ireland dies with its culture and its people and its history long forgotten, after humanity is dead and gone the sun goes red giant and absorbs the Earth, if I could look back after all of that, what would I want to have seen myself do in the time that I had. Fight against it all? Try and keep Ireland for the Irish? Try and keep different religions and traditions and dance moves out because I want my kids to be raised like I was raised? Try furiously to stop change, hold back time? Or would I rather accept that it's all going to end, that change is going to come, for good or for worse, accept that it won't be easy, that there might be social and economic challenges ahead, and try deal with those challenges. Try and deal with them so that other people get to live their short and pointless lives with as much happiness and comfort as possible, so that they can have as much hope for their children as my parents have for me. And that their children can have as much of an opportunity to live and learn as I have been lucky to have.

You said Ireland is doomed. I won't disagree. We're an island, and the sea will erode us away and we will be forgotten about. All we have is right now, this once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy life itself, and the least appealing thing to do in the time we have, in my opinion, is to be fucking homogeneous.

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