Is fibromyalgia a real diagnosis?

You mentioned your doubts over conditions like CFS suggesting that people need to follow certain psychiatric treatment. I am explaining to you why evidence doesn't suggest that.

You mentioned graded exercise therapy as something individuals with CFS should do (seeing as GET is a treatment for CFS and not fibro). Again I explained to you why that is unlikely to be the right approach.

If you're not interested in keeping up with the evidence on a condition like CFS or fibro, why treat it? Your post suggests you understand CFS treatment development and research but you don't. If you aren't willing to learn, as a CFS patient I'd really rather have another doctor treating me.

I don't know what additional help you want besides these facts. I'm not going to validate your prejudices. If you had said you had such prejudices about a more well know condition like depression, people wouldn't be sympathising with that either.

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