Field Report: yeah right!

[Field Report]

I'm 5 months into my stay at the Sonic Fighting Academy and yesterday I decided to end the day at the university bar downtown. Eyes turned as I walked in the door, a 9/10 babe trails behind me. She sits down to my right and I quickly strike up a conversation. I'm chatting her up with my newly acquired Red Pill Skill™ and about 10 minutes in she begins to move her hand up my jeans, inching to my throbbing member. "Let's take this party to aisle 9." I say with a smirk in my eye, giving her a peck on the lips. "You'll get the rest later." We walk out of the bar, her at my side.

At my mansion (I'm rich btw) now. With quick haste we dash to my room, I pick her up because she's a puny female and doesn't hold up to my superior man strength. "Take off your clothes, slut." I growl, my primal instincts beginning to bubble to the surface. "You're a real asshole, no wonder no one likes you. You sit at home all day bragging about your made up sexual conquests, putting everyone down while you hug that weird fuck pillow with the 12 year old girl. The one you took to class that day?" Hahaha just kidding. It was a joke. That's not real. Hahah. It's a joke. lol. hahaahaha

"Did I ask?" Shit test avoided. She quickly disrobes, awaiting my meat stick which is at this point at least 13". "Undo my pants." she descends to her knees, crawls towards me and slowly unbuttons my jeans. She lets out a gasp, even with both her hands she's unable to fully grab my giant meat muppet. "Wow, you have the biggest wiener I've ever seen! It's the biggest in the entire Sonic Fighting Academy I bet! You know that dickhead who used to bully you? He has the tiniest wiener in the world haha he's so much smaller than me fuck you Kevin for showing everyone my Deviant Art page."

She moans as I slide my boa constrictor cock into her vagina hole. "Oh yeah, do me with your giant penis because I love giant penises like yours. Oh yeah, baby. Do me rough. I love your jumbo dong." She has 10 orgasms as I flip her around (She's 90 pounds like any proper woman should be.) and ready myself for some anal. "Stick it in my pooper. I love your monster schlong." With a quick quip I reply. "Don't tell me what to do." She has another orgasm.

I stick it in, she screams in delight. 6 hours later, she has had roughly a billion orgasms and I'm about to finish. She gets to the floor "Please jizz on my big boobies. I'm a really sexy girl who has big boobies and I want you to come all over them." I explode all over her giant boobies, releasing a literal gallon of cum. I make her eat it all so I don't get spermjacked.

Before she leaves, she profusely compliments me on my (her words) mammoth meat, sexual prowess, and manly-ness. As I lead her out she goes on about how touching my muscles (I'm really buff btw) makes her orgasm. I steal $20 from her purse and kick her out. Thank you, red pill.

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