FIFA president Sepp Blatter re-elected despite corruption scandal after opponent concedes.

First of all, do you really want to go down the path of questionining my "support" of an organization with questionable ethics? Because unless you're living in a fucking mud hut in the wilderness you are probably directly or indirectly supporting at least one company or organization that has in some way profited from the exploitation of the less fortunate. I sure hope you've never watched any American pro sports. Those are out of the question if you're trying to wash your hands of corruption. Or a Nike commercial. What brand are your shoes? What are you using to post your stupid comments on the internet? Have you ever bought an NFL jersey? What sort of clothing do you wear? To be safe you should just not buy anything ever again.

Second of all, soccer is not fucking people over in third world countries. Qatar is killing migrant workers. FIFA's decision to host the world cup in that country is unfortunate due to its horrible human rights record and lack of footballing culture and climate that will disrupt club soccer, but I am not orphaning Nepalese kids by going to my NASL team's game or watching the Premier League. It's also not clear how many workers have actually died constructing Qatar's stadiums because the outlets reporting on it have been incredibly misleading to push their agendas. It's good that the corruption is finally being exposed and hopefully it sheds more light on the human rights abuses in Qatar, but there's no coincidence that everyone started freaking out about this only after USA and England lost out to the likes of Russia and an Arab country. I don't recall much of a shitstorm when USA won the 94 world cup within the same crooked system.

And it's not the wealthy countries that are primarily responsible for perpetuating FIFA's corruption. It's the representatives of third world countries. Why is that? Because FIFA does a lot of good things for the football associations in poor countries and gives them representation that they wouldn't have under most circumstances.

Ironically given your assertion, soccer's accessibility and appeal to people all over the world--even developing nations--is probably the reason a boycott by people in developed countries is not likely to do a hell of a lot. It's far too big for that. The problem is corrupt pieces of shit like Blatter and his cronies. That can be changed via other means.

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