Fight Fake News. Know Who is Reputable.

Alright, so who wants to remake the chart:

  • CNN should move a bit to the left. I also think it can move up a tiny smidge, they have one or two folks with journalistic integrity.
  • Fox News, MSNBC, and HuffPost should all move a bit below Meets High Standards.
  • Slate and Vox should move left half a column and down some amount. It's debatable how much. I've read and seen great reports they've done, but I've also seen super sensationalist headlines, and it's not like they've ever gone out of their way to show the other side of the story.
  • I'd move AP and Reuters up, at least above NBC and ABC. They're not exactly analytical, but they have very high respectability and journalistic integrity, while NBC and ABC have let sensationalism in a lot recently.
  • Washington Post moves a column to the left, NPR moves to the left a bit, New York Times moves half a column to the left.
  • Also, if it were me, I'd make a category under "Sensational or Clickbait" called "Intentionally misinforming" or "Alternative Facts" or "Fake News" and move a few of the terrible corner ones down farther into the depths.
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