Do (fighter) airplanes really have an onboard system that warns if someone is target locking it, as computer games and movies make us believe? And if so, how does it work?

Yes, think of a plane as a kite with tank-level weapons on it. It's powerful, but it's also fragile.

Like the hollow bones of a bird, aircraft must be lightweight to fly. Therefore, it is better to avoid a strike by using cover such as mountains or difficult terrain than to make an aircraft able to withstand a hit.

In a game called planetside 2, I am primarily a fighter pilot. We get in, take our shots, and get out. It is better to avoid a counter attack than to try to survive one.

We do this by flying low. It allows you to use mountains as cover. When taking fire in that game, one of the best strategies is to drop your altitude as quickly as possible. Increase the throttle, and drop. Often, since the AA is likely on the ground, they cannot see you over the terrain.

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