Fighting for a chance to live

live my life the way I see it, with integrity, and with a full heart.

Or as I like to call it "hard mode" ...

My last two jobs have screwed me over, one I was working under the table and he didn't pay me for a month of work, another fired me in discrimination when I called them out for bad business practices.

This is where integrity got you? It sounds to me like you're caught between two different narratives: the rhetoric and the action. The rhetoric is that you live by integrity but society dictates that you can't so the action is you don't. You can pass blame onto to others for exploiting you but by allowing yourself to be exploited you're being your own worst enemy. I'm not saying this is your fault or that you deserve what's happening to you.

If you want the action to match the rhetoric you need to commit to one of them. Either embrace the fact that the business world is a disaster and stoop low enough to play their game by their rules and bask in the muck of it all and become what you know you should hate or rise above it, be the change you want to see in the world and either destroy the monsters yourself or know how to steer clear of them.

ostracized me years ago for being atheist

Don't think about them, they're dead to you, you're not the only one so maybe reach out to those who have been betrayed like that but otherwise let it go, asap.

disgruntled managers who I turned down the sexual advances from.

Sexual harassment laws exist for a reason, use them and unemployment stops being a problem. Enjoy your settlement check. Otherwise let it go.

I was working under the table and he didn't pay me

That's on you for working for a criminal. Let it go.

fired me in discrimination when I called them out for bad business practices.

This is just like the sexual harassment, if you'd followed proper procedure then you'd be getting a reward or a settlement or your job back or all three. Next time you see malfeasance keep your mouth shut until you can substantiate your accusations with evidence and the go to the authorities, not the managers in charge of covering it up. If you just want to be employed bite your tongue until you can get out of there and then think about dropping the hammer.

men aren't helped here unless you want to stay at overcrowded shelters surrounded by addicts.

Now really isn't the time to be shutting down the good options you do have nor is it a good time to be passing judgement on drug users and alcoholics. If you're lucky enough to get into a shelter these are going to be the least of your problems. Your biggest problem is going to be you ...

Don't think so much. Do right by people, don't just talk about it. You could be helping people just like yourself get on the right path. For God's sake talk to an attorney. Maybe you can at least prevent this kind of stuff from ruining your life again. At least ask around in /r/legaladvice ...

Something you learn being on the streets is that we're all alone and many of us are good people like you aspire to be who got screwed over just like you did. You won't be alone hardly ever unless you push people away.

I'm not going to say that you need to be homeless because it'll do you some good but it's possible that homeless people need you on their side because you might do them some good. Help out people who got screwed over by their families, employers, etc. They're everywhere ... start by helping yourself unlearn this victim mentality that deludes you into believing that having integrity doesn't just put a target on your back in the business world. If you want integrity volunteer for a non-profit.

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