[Filipino > English] My business' facebook page keeps getting strange messages from people in The Philippines

I'm assuming the text goes:

  • Guy: Pakita naman ng pipit, I love kasi ako sayo.
  • You: Hello.
  • Guy: Pakita naman ng pipit mo. Sino ka ba?

Based on that, it translates to:

  • Guy: Show me your bird, because I'm in love with you.
  • You: Hello.
  • Guy: Show me your bird. Who are you anyway?

Unfamiliar with the word "pipit" but apparently it means a bird; the most commonly used word for a bird in Tagalog is ibon, but the rest of the conversation seems to be in Tagalog.

The word "skandal" is another way of saying "scandal" in the Philippines; it quite literally means that. (Like when we say "iskul" for "school".)

NSFW:Or the guy could have meant "pepe" which means vagina in Tagalog slang. I've just never seen anyone use the term "pipit" in such a context; and even if it does mean "bird", it still has an asking-for-nudes connotation to it.

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