Final Discussion Thread for 9/18

Do you know how many high profile cases end up wrongfully convicting someone?

So? Just because you have a higher chance of not getting wrongfully convicted, it doesn't mean it can't happen. I would do everything I can to minimize this chance, especially I would never - under any circumstance - talk to the police. Again: the first thing any lawyer will tell is to never, ever, under any circumstance, speak to the police. I literally gave you a forty minutes lecture about this.

you need overwhelming amounts of evidence to actually convict someone,

All you need is for the jury of your peers to think you're guilty, and they usually go in there already thinking that.

and even then, they don't get the chair.

Oh wow okay that makes it better now, they don't get killed, just spend 20+ years in the nightmare that are American jails lmao.

We have due process in the USA.


The chances of this guy getting a wrongful conviction is fucking nil.

And yet you're the one shaming him for exercising his fifth amendment rights, curious.

I'm on this sub because I want to see fucking justice.

Yes, you're here for entertainment. You have a hard-on for mob rule. We get that.

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