Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is absolutely 100% worth your time


The story was boring. It was filled with very badly written filler content. It took us out of the previous main conflict as a big middle finger. The characters okay. The areas were garbage except one.

Not everyone can afford $100+, but wil ltry to if someone is saying it's the best fucking thing god ever created, which it isn't.

The community on average is bad, and lying to brand new people who might never played an mmo before to get this is going to only add to the fire and fuel for others hating ffxiv already.

Take a moment to realize not everyone is as wealthy or likes the things you like. It's okay to think this expansion was garbage story wise(it was). Sitting here and saying EVERYONE should go throw almost $200 at a game they likely won't like is stupid.

tell them to get the free trial? SURE! Don't tell them that the only "good thing" was the most recent expansion. smh you people

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