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She gets bombarded with gendered insults like "bitch" even on reddit (where people upvote it). Most women feel super uncomfortable having any sort of public job in esports because they are being constantly objectified. Examples:

Would calling her an asshole be better? Is it possible people are insulting her not because she is a women but because they feel she is not a nice/good person? Is your objection to using different insults for women and men?

-Every time there's a thread about Sjokz, or Sjokz is shown on a LoL stream, she's objectified (disproportionately more than any man would be).

Do you mean to imply that Sjokz gender and appearance were an obstacle that she overcame to get her job.

-Every time there's a thread about a female cosplayer, people say she'll only reach the front page because of her appearance (and also make really creepy and unfunny comments about her appearance/"personalities"), ignoring all the effort that went into her work. This never happens with male cosplayers, who also frequently make the front page if their work is high quality. Similarly it's widely believed that Kaceytron is only a popular streamer because she shows cleavage, when in fact many unpopular streamers show cleavage, and no recognition is given to the fact that her act is really funny and original.

You kinda of flip or 1st point with your 2nd. If you want to see if cosplayers get to the front page because of their looks you should look at the ratio of attractive cosplayers that make the front page compared to unattractive ones. Also, calling something funny/unfunny is pretty subjective and you are trying to present it as an objective quality. And again, how are women working twice as hard to do well here?

-Every time there's a thread about a woman or someone's girlfriend drawing/making something, there's always sexist or creepy comments. For instance, someone made a post showing some drawings from a girl at his school, but because he mentioned she was a girl, the thread was filled with comments like "you should date/kiss/fuck/etc."

Is saying they should date/kiss/fuck sexist? If a boy drew it for a girl would people not say the same thing? It seems more hetronormitive than sexist.

Do you actually know any managers? Do you know how hard they work relative to one another? Is there any evidence that being a women has made it harder for a manager rather than easier to get and in with a bunch of male teenagers? Are you just saying things?

TL:DR You don't really seem to understand the thing that Mister_Oink quoted and you are just talking about random examples of sexist. Some more legitimate than others.

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