Final Solution (2004) - How Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, Committed A Genocide Against Muslims In Gujrat To Further His Political Ambitions

Comments here are wild. I'm interested in Politics but I have lost hope in my country's politics. I'm writing this without any feelings attached. So Here's a thing. It's a choice between the lesser of two evils. The governments that got elected before him (for 60 years approx by same political party) were responsible for more massacres in last 70 years of Independence than him. You can google few like Sikh Massacre of 1984, MarichJhapi Massacre, Emergency by Indira Gandhi, etc and more than a trillion dollars of scams in just 10 years (2004-2014). So people of India will elect him till he dies no matter what because they know he's the lesser of two evils. He won twice with thumping majority and that can't be done without Muslim votes. So yeah, even after people believing he did all of that, they voted for him because the other political party is far more disastrous. Supreme Court of India which is considered the most progressive constitutional body in the country acquitted PM Modi. Due to huge population, people here do not really care if a few thousands die if someone gets huge investment which results in great results for the economy. People here have seen worse tyrannical rulers than him and have seen enough bloodbath. And Modi is known for pulling investers (for example 75B dollars of Investment from saudi and few more Billions from Japan for Metro Rail construction). His visa was denied for 12 years straight by USA before he got elected as a Prime Minister in 2014. For the same reasons mentioned in Documentary. I know that sounds cold or dark or scary. But I'm sorry, that's the situation. I love my country but that's how it is here. Some 7 years back, one politician arose who bought a kind of revolution and promised a shift in Indian Politics but he also fell for Appeasement politics(Arvind Kejriwal) so People again trusted Modi. No matter how evil And sinister, at least he's consistent. That's what people in Exit polls say after election. I didn't see anyone covering this point why he got elected even after this so just stating it here.

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