[FINAL UPDATE] My [29M] fiancee [28F] of 4 years randomly claimed I abused her, and called the police. This came completely out of the blue.

Hey! OP, you have been handling this like a really matured person. This sub almost always suggests that one should call it quits with the relationship.

People are stupid, almost everyone in their life fucks up. What is more important, is the intent and to know if the person is really that bad. What she did was an act of stupidity and then more such acts followed. There are bigger flaws in a person than being stupid. If you really do love her, and if you are sure that she loves you then maybe with time forgive her. Don’t bring that up, I’m sure your parents would bring it up and make her feel sorry for her acts as it is.

Because.. you can get past one incident, but if you choose to step out of her life completely would you ever be happy? More importantly had this accident happened after your marriage would you have considered divorcing her the next minute? There are people who’ve forgiven their partners even after their acts of unfaithfulness.. because in their heart they believe the person they love, made a mistake and they find a way to make it work because love is not easy to come by and then harder to stay.

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