I finally came across THAT player who can't take dying in free roam!

Apparently I'm a griefer. I accept that now. But I'm not the type described in this post or comment.

I do work in freeroam but I also go after anyone else doing work as well, sometimes, in the middle of doing my own work. I never use the easy way out feature and I hate using rpgs. My main weapon is the carbine mk2 and my favorite killing outfit is a pair of heart boxers and a cowboy hat... nothing else.

I only use passive mode if I need to shop around Los Santos, never to escape a battle. I don't have a favorite vehicle because I'm usually always on foot and drive whatever is closest to me.

I just like to kill people in GTAOnline. I just like to try and mess with people's work, that's how I enjoy the game.

You won't catch me "preserving my KD" because I know it's not important. It's also so high that I don't have to protect it.

My favorite thing to do is seek out these fake accounts that are crazy high ranked and hive high KDs because they're usually not very good. I like to put them in their place but, I don't discriminate. I'm most definitely a shoot first player and I seek out gun fights and work to destroy.

So, by your standards, what type of griefer am I?

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