Finally got my first pair of climbing shoes! Expensive, I know, but if I do something I do it right from the beginning. Climbing gym here I come!

Wow, I'm really surprised by how negative the comments on my post are. I'm not trying to be an asshole showing off my money or anything, I'm just really excited to climb. And it just makes sense to me to learn in a good shoe.

I practice tai chi daily and have done for about 2 years. I am completely self taught. When I first started to learn, I was learning the basic movements, but with good pair of shoes on, not even very expensive shoes(they cost me £5 or about $7), just well made flat, grippy shoes. If I had tried to learn in running shoes, like a lot of beginners do, I would have bad posture in the movements from the beginning, this is where my logic about climbing shoes has stemmed from.

I appreciate what you have said and will take it on board, at least you weren't an asshole to me like a lot of the other responders here. People are too quick to make assumptions about others.

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