I finally got my schiit together

I would first like to thank u/Phobos1393 for helping out and the rest of r/headphones. I would first like to say that there are a lot of ignorant, and stupid cunts in the world. These HD600 obviously need an AMP. I show my friend my headphones and explain to them why they need an AMP only for the to respond, “Well what’s the point of having headphones” which I reply to “What’s the point of having a brain if you don’t fucking use it dumbass”. Which then they say, “Well I still think its stupid.” I got that answer from all my friends except one which understands a bit more about audio. Just wanted to share that with you guys, because it was really grinding my gears. Now to my setup. I sold my M50 to get the Hifiman He-350 off massdrop but ended up getting the HD600. I picked up the HD600 and the Schiit Vali up from eBay. I got the HD600 first and connected it to an old stereo I had and I just wasn’t please with the sound. Then I picked up the Schiit Vali a few days after and the sound totally changed. It sounded a lot more full and the bass quality increased greatly. They sound a lot better than my M50 I sold, it was totally worth it. The sound quality from the M50 is not 3x better like the price. Here is a representation of Price vs Sound (Price is not accurate), http://imgur.com/pQsKaI9 I think this will be my end game for a while. I also bought this “premium” cable from monoprice and it’s fucking HUGE. I could kill someone with that cable and myself. I’m pretty sure that’s the cable they used for the transatlantic cable. I’m gonna have to get another one. Here is a pic of it http://imgur.com/aqs70dA

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