I finally got prescribed a mood stabiliser, my thoughts so far (warning very long post, check the end for TL;DR)

Also sidenote, 50mg of seroquel is an extremely small dose. Ive heard a some people take like 800mg, I’m absolutely not going to go above 50mg because of some nasty long term side effects of high dosages of antipsychotics I’ve read about that have scared the life out of me.

I’m currently on 50mg Sertraline, 50mg seroquel (both before bed) and 30mg of vyvanse to help with the ADHD symptoms at the start of the day. It seems to be working well enough right now, do you think I should eventually lower my antidepressant dosage and eventually stop them (with the help of my psychiatrist of course)? Or have you found them to be useful even when on mood stabilisers?

I appreciate any advice! :)

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