finally, no more politics in my video games

You're not agreeing with me. You're implying that anybody who supports China in any way is inherently not a leftist. It sows division. Leftists already all hate each other, and this makes it worse. I'm not saying that China is perfect, but the fact remains that it is better than basically any Capitalist nation out there, and the fact that I live in the US means that it's practically impossible for me to find out what is actually true in China. I can only speak in generalities, but when I went to Shanghai, a lot of the television programming was from the US, including, to my memory, androgynous people. What I'm saying is that I'm at least open to the idea of this whole "androgyny ban" thing is untrue. You, yourself, admit that there is a lot of misinformation about China out there. You believed this lie, why can't you at least admit that maybe the other stuff you heard about them was lies, too?

I'll try to find out more about this whole androgyny ban thing, because if it is true, yeah it's bad, but you can be supportive of a nation without inherently liking everything that they do.

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