I finally paid off all my hospital bills!

The 300 million population refers to the US population idiot. And the multiple doctors opinions were based on research and treatment options the NHS had. Experimental treatments aren’t just fucking released until FDA approved. The UK wasn’t even willing to consider an evaluation. They blocked the parents from going to the USA or the neurologist from coming to the children’s hospital. No shit it’s been working since WW2. The NHS model wouldn’t work in America. UK’s population is only 66 million. No one is shitting on the NHS. Read what I posted dingus before you get hot and heavy headed again. I’m referring to the fact that he was denied treatment abroad or a simple evaluation. Here my citation headass: https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/parents-alfie-evans-turn-doctor-13532706

The treatment Dr. Hirano proved to work on many infants. He is a world class neurologist. He said Alfie he a chance any many doctors of the reputable Columbia school of medicine and surgeons also agreed. A second opinion would not have hurted. The UK denied Dr. Hirano’s request to even see if this genetic treatment would even help. There are some experimental treatments the at the NHS was not aware of. No doubt the NHS is effective at least in the UK you idiot. I was referring to how a government controlled system would not work in the US because of already in place bureaucracy. The system is too fucked already with big pharmaceutical companies. God damn it read the post for once. No shit the parents were desperate to keep him alive. They appealed many many fucking times to be able to go the the US for an evaluation and treatment. No shit terminal cancer is terminal, but this experimental treatment could have given him a chance hence the 50/50 probability of the genetic treatment being effective for him and not the probability of life. If you don’t even know what 300 million I’m referring to gtfo of here.

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