Finally reached rank #1 in PvP. That high was just about immediately shot down.

Excellent cover. Add a nice comment and a crap comment at the same time and label the second comment #2.

The admin should post a screenshot of when they said they would eventually work you in rotation. It was during your introduction not later.

From what I read they thought this was pretty crappy but I don't read anywhere you were told to take it down or be kicked. From what I can tell you were kicked for being an ass, like when you were intentionally sniping everyone before you joined.

Now I had told you that you had two options when you joined. Either be so dominant and powerful and sniping everyone that they had to deal with you and you could walk right into first or join, accept where you are in rotation, make friends, and good things will come to you especially as you become more powerful.

I also told you though I had inadvertantly done the former as I didnt realize there were different payout times I could auto everyone and hold my own agains the entire shard and spent a LOT of crystals on refreshes. I was not you. And you should do the later. But you thought you were all that.

You seem to think hitting everyone for a couple days prior to accepting joining was going to guarantee you a spot at first. All it did was piss them off. And yet they still let your weaker team in.

Then you get sniped by one whale that somewhat honors are payouts but will not join the chat and hits you and you flip out. Well that is why we try to have this arena shard in the first place to avoid the whales owning the F2P when it is not their payout.

Now you tell the admin since I left the shard chat and decided to hit you I threatened you. But you just hit me at my payout, three hours after yours. So you are nothing but a lying sack of crap.

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