I finally reached silver. Here's what I learned.

You're probably right, honestly. And it's not a claim, that is my normals ranking, why I'm placed there, I can't honestly tell you. I dick around in normals a lot, I have a group that I play with on Fridays and we make a drinking game out of it, and we still win pretty consistently.

I got placed into B5 on a 6W/4L promo, and climbed to B2, pretty easily and then, it all went south, got back down to B5, and stopped caring.

For example, after I wrote this post I played 2 ranked games int he first my top darius went 2/9/0, the game ended at the 20 min mark. I decided to queue up again, I had over half the teams kills and twice the CS of anyone on either team, we won that one.

I fucking hate it, I hate having to try and carry, I hate that I can't even slightly count on my team, I despise ranked. My normals are fun, they're generally good games, I'm about to throw the towel fro ranked and say fuck it. I shouldn't have to carry my team that hard to advance, it fucking sucks.

My normals have trained me to win my lane and transition that into being helpful in teamfights/securing objectives depending on my champ. Ranked has taught me I need to win every lane all at the same time or I lose. Get fed AF or lose. Have perfect roam because every lane is feeding or lose, and I can't do it. Hence I'm B5, with NO desire to play ranked because it enrages me and why the fuck would I?

I'm giving it a shot because if I lose LP there's no lower to go, it literally doesn't matter. But I'm one losing streak away from abandoning it full on. They're not fun games, why would I continue? My normals are ELO heaven, and I should play ranked why? To wave my dick around about my rank? To get a shiny border for a bit? And all that for a lifetime of rage? I'll queue normals

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