Finance: Freelancer Loan -- would you know an entity who does?

Hey presidium, i thank you for the offer. I just dont want to offer somethinf that would make me look like a noob and your impression of me would deteriorate.

First things first. I havent done this before. All i know is our neighborhood "5-6" which is equal to losing money than you using it to grow.

I don't have anything to offer i think. I have 2 houses but the documents are not yet sorted out bec even that requires a figure of 200k php to get it settled. I am against buying a car bec it depreciates once you get a hold of it so yes i dont have a car. My only possession is my precious laptop for work and research. My wife and 2 beautiful kids. Not to mention dignity and intelligence. Feel free to let me know what type of collateral are you expecting?

My profile in facebook is pretty much public. My wife and i are Christians. We attend in victory malate. I overly trust people bec i dont care what their intentions are so as long as my family is well protected. (Reason why my anonymity i easily divulged lol)

The loan: I have a few things lined up for that. 1. Deposit 20-30 to get a secured credit card from a bank that i can use for the biz bec the technology now needs me to adapt in the carded world. 2. 10k to work with all govt agencies in registering my startup. 3. Anywhere from 5-20k to fund research and come up with a business plan to pitch to kickstarter programs and angel investors. 4. 5-10k to get my family booked into an airbnb listing and spend and celebrate christmas.

Summing that up would have me require +-70k.. I am comfortable starting payment on january 2016 and be comfortable in doing it for 18months.

There. I threw everything and it might look funny bec of inexperience but thats all there is to it. Oh before i forget, youll be the first one to be pitched to as an angel investor once all things come into perspective target date. January 2016 2nd week.

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