Financial support for psychiatric hardship?

Case Manager here.

See your GP for a medical certificate. Based on a discussion and knowledge of your history they may deem you unfit for work. If this is the case and depending on their assessment, you may qualify for the Job Seeker Support (with a medical deferral) or Supported Living Payment.

Without an in-depth knowledge of your situation I suspect JSS with a medical deferral is suitable because it seems that with appropriate support, you may resume work even if part time, within 2 years.

JSS pays anywhere between $200-$400 per week depending on your relationship/children status.

You may qualify for help to pay for accommodation costs, hire purchase costs (strict criteria applies) and medical costs including transport, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, gym membership, medication, lawn mowing costs etc. This is capped around $65 per week though.

It is difficult (but not impossible) to help, if you finish your job without a GP medical certificate.

Wishing you well.

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