"Finding Yourself"

I have a co-worker who's the kind of person who wears his misery on his sleeve. He's constantly stressed and overworked by his own doing, drains his tiredness in gallons of coffee, and has heavy bags under his eyes. I get stressed looking at him.

This co-worker has gone on a few international travels, and before each trip he'll make comments to me about hoping to "find himself" and have some sort of grand, life changing epiphany. Each time, he comes home, settles back into his old habits, and continues his misery.

When you visit a new place, you're just taking your same old self along, that's all. Sometimes the place can by a catalyst of change, sure... but "finding yourself" can happen in your drab cubicle, or sitting across from your miserable co-worker and thinking, "I don't want to become that."

Don't look at your life with the mindset that you've gotta overhaul it completely. Look at the things that aren't working and change those. Keep the things that are.

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