Findings from a study of more than 46,000 people from 68 different countries reveal those who share more left-wing political views are more generous and altruistic than those who follow right-wing ideologies.

The same reason you don't need to study every religion in detail to reject them. They share similar, critical details.

Thry are all designed to propel a metal object forward at significant velocity with the intent to cause damage to whatever is in their path.

The bullet type, style, range, or capacity doesn't change that fact or the fact that it is extremely easy for people to gain access to these weapons that shouldn't be anywhere near them.

It may matter to a doctor trying to save me if I was shot by a pistol or a sniper rifle, but at the end of the day I had a bullet shot by a psycho with multiple domestic abuse charges against them and no one knew he had a gun because there's no registry, rip through my body, rupturing multiple organs on its way.

So yeah, you can not know jack about guns other than they fire a bullet and have a rational fear of them.

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