Is it fine to go to an empty park Australia?

I just want to share a personal story with you that might make you reconsider. My neighbor decided to ride his bike to the park and he was hit by a car. He fractured his spine in 3 places, he's in hospital and his family can't visit him. Visitors aren't allowed. He's all alone. And because of that, he's taking up a hospital bed, and possibly a ventilator when he has surgery. He also could have been infected himself, and posed a threat to the paramedics, and every single person that worked on him.

Obviously, this can happen to anybody on any given day. Whether you travel by car, foot, or bike, you pose a risk when you leave your home. But, on any given day, this isn't an issue, as there's no pandemic. You know there will be a bed for you at the hospital on a normal day, you know you likely don't have a virus that could kill someone else you come in contact with.

That's why people are urging others to stay indoors. I understand it's frustrating but imagine everyone else thought like you and wanted to go to the "empty park", it wouldn't be so empty, would it? I would stay close to home, possibly only on your property whether it be on your doorstep or your backyard etc to minimize this risk to yourself, and others.

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