Fingerprinting required to schedule Infopass appointment?

i wonder if this has to do with me mentioning that this is for work permit purposes.. would that be classified as an emergency AP?

since my work authorization card expired i need documentation that my case is being processed.

this might be a stretch but i was also thinking that the employee who called me was upset at me. he had called me 2 days prior and immediately upon answering he stated my email, phone number and then asked for my alien number. but since he couldnt verify my receipt number i didnt give him any information (he sounded mildly offended) and so i called USCIS again to have someone from the service center call me one more time. the same guy called me again and this time he didnt ask for my alien number. he just said "unfortunately you cant schedule an appmt for infopass until you have your fingerprints and photo taken. you will recieve a letter in the mail about that in 10-15 days." in confusion i just said okay and hung up but now im questioning that whole interaction.

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