Finish Lines Are A Time For Reflection

Hey i respect you GLO, but this post is not for you specificly. We all know you're a respected TRP'er, and this post is for lost "boys" on TRP that just needs a little guidence, a little push. For you this post migth not have been so insigthfull because you probably live by it, but for some guys this is actually a good reminder that might Help them on their self improvement path. I've seen the argument between you, and OP yesterday, and im totaly neutral in it, but just because you had an argument does not mean you have to take a dump on everything he writes. As you once wrote, and it's implanted in the sidebar "The Red Pill is an imperfect substitute for the male guidance our boys were robbed of by feminism. It is tired middle aged men describing their divorces. It's the unfashionable and unacceptable thoughts of Freud, Nietzsche and Briffault. Its young men asking for help at a time when no one cares about them."

OP here is trying to give these boys some advice, and it's a good advice for someone who needs it. So please leave your critique on a constructive level and enjoy your workout today.

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