I finished the Bella Twin's book, here are the wrestling-related highlights:

Nikki is extremely lucky she didn’t get killed when she was raped

Hey bud. I can see the sentiment you're going for here, but looking for the silver lining when describing trauma like this can actually be damaging to victims. I don't want to get into my own anecdotal experiences, but particularly as a man we are often told that it "could have been worse" and to get over it. It's hard to look at an experience like that and feel any gratitude whatsoever. Especially given the huge percentage of people who self harm or take their own lives after being assaulted.

Again, I definitely think your hearts in the right place and from your perspective you're grateful that that person is still around and wasn't gravely wounded in that assault. I just think should really carefully word your discourse when on this kind of topic.

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