Finished Mass Effect: Andromeda for the first time! What does everyone think a year on?

MEA had excellent combat mechanics but that's it.

The story and characters are really forgettable. I honestly don't remember what MEA's central conflict is about, as in I can't even give you a one-sentence summary about it. I just remember it being so underwhelming that I did not even know the story was hitting its climax when it did.

I do remember feeling that the plot would have been more interesting if it placed a higher emphasis on potential conflicts between Milky Way species and the Angarans (i.e. How Milky Way species adapt to Angaran territories; potential political fall outs; how they resolve differences etc.). Instead we have something about Ketts and Scourges, which again, I don't remember anything about them.

The open world is by far my biggest gripe about the game. It was boring and pointless. Driving from point to point in the game is honestly less fun than my daily commute. The Nomad handles fine, but it isn't fun to drive around. This isn't the much acclaimed web swing in Spider-Man on PS4.

The Andromeda universe consists of Earth-like environments and plains, and very few architectures. This results in an aesthetically uninspiring world. It also goes without saying that the world doesn't feel alive. NPCs are clustered in a few areas and behave predictably (which would not have been a problem if MEA was not set in an open-world).

I get Bioware's decision to explore a galaxy far away from Milky Way, and limit references to the original trilogy. It's just that MEA, even without the baggage from the original trilogy, is a generic, uninspired game.

I am not invested enough in the game to hate it, or maybe I just don't remember enough to have strong feelings about it beyond the open-world design. I won't recommend it, but I won't tell other people to avoid it either.

I have no desire to play through it again.

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