Finland debates joining NATO despite Russian warnings

Idk wtf is your problem but you're intentionally being misleading or you're just ignorant. Few skirmishes? Nazis burned entire villages in Lapland, theres still burned out building foundations and bridges in Lapland. Its called the Lapland war for reason, it was a war. Finland didn't have any concentration camps, and what side doesn't take POW's? The other alternative is to shoot unarmed soldiers which is illegal. Finland treated Soviet POW's fair, they weren't tortured and they were fed. Mostly they worked farms to replace the men that went to war. The families looked out for them, fed them, clothed them. The only side by side fighting Finns did with the nazis was to fight Soviets of our lands. We never went further than that. When you're squeezed between two major military powers and the other one already tried to annex you, theres some tough decisions to be made and none of them include sitting on the side lines.

And idk whats your definiton of "good guys" is in war, but if bad guys are the ones who defend their independence from an aggressor which is the largest country in the world, and is also the largest military power, the good guys surely can't be any country that firebombs entire civilian centers in several cities, or a country that drops atomic bombs on civilian centers, or a country that massacres people on a industrial scale, or a country that interns its own civilian population by ethnic and racial profiling in concentration camps? Because that would just be stupid.

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