Fionna and Cake antagonist revealed!

susan isnt a good example because susan is a huge adult, theres no way it would fit her, in addition susan had lots of muscles so AND is genetically modified to be stronger

so youre point is that a genetically modified “human” giant to be as buff as possible to work as the hunters that is at least 30 years old, is compared to a 15 years old human girl? see how silly that sounds now? and to prove this isnt just susan, look at her partners, all of them share the same traits.

if u wanted a real example, u couldve used finn’a dad who has was a bit overweight and had bigger thighs. but even in his case you can clearly see it was still cartoonish and generally linear.

but then you look at fiona here in this shot, and damn somehow an underage has more weight on her legs than some overweight adults in the show, it even is curvy rather than linear.

ffs just compare finn’s dad to her, hers is bigger

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