Fire Chief: More homeless on San Francisco streets coming from other cities, counties amid pandemic

I’ve never said this out loud but I’ve always wondered why we don’t just allow them to die if they OD in the street.

What we should do instead is offer assisted suicide, I bet a lot of them would take it.

Now I’ve never taken any hard drugs like the ones they take (no idea what drugs but assuming it’s heroin and meth?) but I feel like if ever get to the point where I’m living on the streets and I’m getting high as shit on drugs I know could kill me on a regular basis instead of going to a free and accessible drug rehab program, I basically don’t care anymore whether I live or die. And if I don’t care, the city shouldn’t care either.

Now I probably wouldn’t go as far as to say we should actively euthanize the willing, but not administering narcan is a form of soft euthanization I could get behind. Have a free and accessible rehab center for homeless addicts. As long as the rehab center is accessible to anyone who needs those services, anyone who ODs on the street is making the decision to basically roll the dice on their life, and I don’t feel a moral obligation to intervene.

I feel like if were made policy, anyone who wishes to get off drugs will be able to do it via rehab and anyone who wishes to continue gambling on their life will eventually die off. Problem solved.

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