Fire emblem subreddit commenters think censorship isn't censorship

I saw lots of SJWs going for NoA's blood because a rumor said homosexual content was removed from the US version, but failing to precise the nature of such said content. In the end, it turns out nothing was cut regarding crossdressing (what was cut however was stuff like weird dreams, suicidal thoughts, family baths, kisses, in essence stuff they'd rather see cut so the "censorship" label didn't apply), and this was just a shameful way to ask for new features by doxxing and harassing employees.

Or how some homoerotic plot in Front Mission 2 caused its localization to get cancelled and all continuity references to it in the Front Mission 3 to be cut? It's a localization adjustement too since it's probably not to scare people new to the franchise too much - oh wait, does the "censorship" label apply again here? No government, a decision by the localizers (decidely "part of the creative team"), etc.. something tells me some people won't be just satisfied with this, and that the word "censorship" will somehow pop again, alongside some nice character assassination to everyone involved.

In essence, in the nineties, everything that was cut so that the company avoids attacks from any party offended by that game's content endangering their business and safety (even when that party is the localization team), is called "censorship". Itoi wanted nude Ness in Earthbound, the graphical designers wanted it in, in this case even the English translator wanted it in and uses the word "censored" to talk about how higher ups in NoA mandated the cut. Nothing changed, the same cuts are still made under slightly different yet surprisingly close excuses, and it's unpopular with the masses who want to seek the original and not the localizer's personal agendas rammed on them (of which Blade and Souls is the logical explanation, where huge chunks of scripts get shafted and only the parts with the preachy psy-op localizers personal agenda remain - more localization to the point the translation part isn't even halfways done).

And people interested in the original vision will seek the original vision because they're fans of RPG director X, not localization company Y. No attempts of sabotaging fan-translations like neogaf did with Dragon Quest 7/Monsters 3DS or kotaku did time and time again, alongside their anti-fantranslation as a censorship circumvention channel crusade, is ever going to reverse this. Or how they want Youtube to publish real identity coordinates and send them to family and employees of everyone watching or importing JP game X, and want the cuts applied to the Western versions to be applied to the JP version too.

You don't get to rewrite the meaning of the word just like with feminism and the like, to reserve it only to cases where you're not satisfied with the cut, or in the case of Tomodachi Collection, when you allege a nonexistent cut to character assassinate a creative team all the way into putting all your wishlist features.

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