Firefighter loses jobs after suggesting hunting of migrants

I'm not a Trump fan, not in the slightest, and I'd hardly be the one to say EVERYONE has a chance of redemption, even though that would be a nice thought.

My point is that I don't KNOW who has a chance of redemption or not, and frankly, no does anyone else. Regardless of whether it's a "hard truth" of whether or not some can or not.

I can believe that Trump might lack the strength of character to do so...but heck, even he could turn around tomorrow, in some admittedly crazy turn of events.

Not everyone can be stopped with reason, I also agree with this, we need to fight when necessary, violently, if necessary, but ONLY when necessary and when that is the option we are left with. I leave the possibility that I'm wrong, that some historian will point to this and say "This was the point where they weren't doing enough" But my instinct, my morals, are those that say my fellow Americans aren't so far gone, and I can only hope that they are the correct ones.

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