First $800 logo design service sold by cold email

I have 270 followers because I dont have that much time to focus on building my profile. That will come soon.

I didnt start yesterday and now after 2 days I decided to charge $800.

We dont charge just for a design. We lose a lot of time on communication, research, revisions, etc. We have to pay software, taxes, PayPal fees, currency exchange and so on.

Quality logo design isnt done in 3 hours, it usually take 10, 15 or 20h.

I could talk all day and teach you more, but I really dont have time. Many designers use this as consultation and they charge that too. This is an industry like all others. You get what you pay for in 95% of cases.

I have one question for you. How come every dropshipper “hate” hearing that design can be expensive?

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