And the first country to air a dubbed version of "It's over, isn't it" is...

Ahh thanks so much, I always forget to check the captions.

With the help of Google translate I'm able to piece together a closer translation of the lyrics with some slight adjustments to fit context. I grew up speaking Cantonese and even so since it's been so long, my Chinese reading ability is very rusty, not to mention word choices and phrases can be different in Mandarin, but I think this is more or less accurate.

Not upset, not by much.
Saw the guy came into her life.
Not upset, I agreed.
Had no big deal, until you.
Not upset, when you appeared.
Making up some kind of absurd crazy scheme(?).
About her choice.
All these years I never feel I lost.

It's ended. Isn't it? Isn't it?
The period has been written.
It's ended. Isn't it? Isn't it?
The period has been written.
You are her choice.
Love you til leaving mankind.
It's ended. Isn't it?
Why bother to quibble.

War. Honour.
Invention. Creativity.
Fusion. Freedom.
Her attention.
Nothing stopping my potential.
Fearless. Precise.
The body is words and deeds.
In this world without her what do I matter?
Silly to think I can doubt her choice.
Still attached to what is now too late.
But her son is mine to attend.

(repeat chorus)

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