First day trying out the beginner routine and I'm already impressed with the results.

Okay I know I might get in a little bit of trouble for having bad products (like really quite bad) but this is literally the first time I've tried following any sort of hair routine. 1) I cowashed with OGX bamboo fiberfull conditioner (which I l just learned is really not that great and has a lot of silicon in it) 2) scrunched in some Aveda men firm hold gel (which again, I realize is not a great product) 3) scrunched out the crunch. It's crazy what a difference this step made for me and I have no clue how I never thought to do it.

I'm very new to this community and as you can see I have pretty much no clue what to use for products, so any tips you or product recommendations you have to offer I would greatly appreciate.

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