In first, gay Democrat and gay Republican face off in congressional race

You are almost certainly correct, and thats why Im not very serious about this particular angle, but I would also point out, the swastika is an example of successful reappropriation, so stealing it is more like just returning it to its original meaning with the hope that they will have to find a new and surely less creative symbol to rally behind.

Anything they think is theirs, I want to see taken from them, by the communities they have made suffer. Thats sort of the root of my intentions. Its surely not realistic. A fantasy for sure. But I wish. And outside of that post, I was thinking of all marginalized communities stealing their symbols and weaponizing them against their own group but I guess that post made me think of the contrast of their self image to the gay community and how much that would trigger them.

Anyways, I fucking hate them for even making me have to think of these sorts of things and possibly offending others while Im trying to figure out how to defuse their shitty racist and homophobic bomb.

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