First we had procedural crime drama, then season long arc and now we have multiple seasons around the same story. Can't say I like it.

I wholeheartedly agree with your statement regarding Fargo. They had a story to tell and they told it. Nothing felt missing from the story, and nothing felt superfluous. It made the show a very fulfilling watch.

I do not share the same feelings about True Detective. The latter episodes of the season began to feel oddly paced and without as clear of a storytelling direction as I had become accustomed to throughout the first half of the season.

[True Detective Spoilers](#s "By the end of the finale, I felt that quite a bit was either rushed or left out of the story completely. The big let-down for me was the amount of focus, and subsequent intrigue, surrounding a seemingly large, and very old conspiracy that appeared to trace to high ranks in government. The video depicting a group of men committing the crime in question solidified the idea that this was indeed a conspiracy. Other aspects of the show implied elements of the occult to go along with the conspiracy."]

I personally feel that True Detective will indeed continue with the same story, even if subsequent seasons will feature new actors, new locations and seemingly unrelated story lines. If the creators of this series are able to convince viewers that each season is unrelated until the final season where they reveal that all seasons have been very much interconnected, so much so that it will make viewers say "I can't believe I missed all the obvious clues!" then we will have a truly brilliant series.

[Twin Peaks Spoilers](#s "Lynch and Frost were able to make Leland such an obvious suspect but many viewers suspected nearly everybody except for Leland. When it was revealed that he was the killer, tons of viewers realized how obvious it was at times. This is a fine line to walk, and very difficult to pull off. I attribute it to Lynch's willingness to take huge risks.)

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