First impression: Reducing camp range feels aweful

Jungle is becoming one of the most handicapped roles in the game, when way back in the day it was a place where game knowledge and skill expression really shined.

Keeping track of buffs was too much work, so we added buff timers. Might as well throw camp timers in there too, why not right?

Smite meant you had to sacrifice a summoner spell to secure objectives… well. Let’s let you smite enemies then! For a long time, red smite was ridiculously OP, reducing damage of the target by 20% on top of giving you true damage to them. (Essentially, exh AND ignite in one, minus healing reduc. Dueling power was (and still is) crazy high.

Now we add range indicators and pets so I can easily clear the jungle on sona while playing with my feet and typing this comment on reddit with my hands.

Oh, and not to mention they auto swap to smite for you if you get jg in champ select… just in case you might forget that JG needs smite. (I know, solid reason because a jg without smite due to current state of jg, basically means you have to play the game 4v5. But, they could also just allow anyone to buy the smite item and change how it stacks, so you could theoretically still jungle without smite and still receive the xp bonus/reduced xp from lanes etc).

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