First In-Ring Screenshots tomorrow!

I should have included Smacktalks and DenkOps, I do watch their content sometimes and they're always honest, I haven't watched much of CMPuls3 but I'll take your word for it. I do stand by my point that these YouTubers could absolutely use their influence to help these games improve yearly, especially now that they're meeting with developers at summits and having direct contact with them.

I do enjoy 2K18 a lot, I'm still playing it and loving it, but that doesn't change the fact that the lack of improvement from year to year has become increasingly unacceptable. From Universe Mode to MyCareer, every year we see very minor improvements if any at all, and that is not acceptable. A one year development cycle isn't enough time to change the entire game, I completely understand that, but we've been seeing this used as an excuse for what can only be described as laziness for years now. Every year the games stopped getting patched once they release the last DLC pack, regardless of whether or not the game still has bugs that need fixing, only for those same bugs to be present next year as well, and the cycle continues. At what point should we expect something to change?

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