First meeting with a new SB today!!

I will break this first meeting into Pros and Cons

  • Pros

We met at nice upscale hotel downtown and had some drinks. We made a lot of small talk, she's a med student, 3rd year in school and has a part time job. She was in sheer top, hair and makeup done, tight jeans and boots. I had told her not to "doll up" since she was traveling but she did anyway. I decided to get a room (note- not many people stay in hotels over the holidays so the room was remarkably very cheap). We took our drinks up stairs to the room and she vanished in the bath room. 10 minutes later she returned looking like a model. Black lace bra, panties, fishnet stockings, gold high heels and a satin robe. WOW. Lets just say I had a very good time and her energy was amazing. After a while I had to go (I told her days before I wouldn't be able to spend the night), and she was offering more (ahhh youth). Left her some spending cash to go out with her friends $240 + $119.00 over night hotel stay was all she wanted. I'll head back today prior to her checking out to pay for the stay in cash (no credit card trail).

  • Cons

She's young, have never done this before and made a LOT of assumptions. She initially assumed I would put her up for the night. I told her this was a "meet and greet" and we were only interviewing each other for an hour in-between her bus connections to the next city. Because I selected a nice hotel (because of bar & food) she had it stuck in her mind this meant an over night stay. Luckily for her I recalled the conversations and could "see" how she may have "misunderstood" because I didn't SPELL IT ALL OUT. Luckily (for her) I'm not a "dick" so I went ahead and got the room and made sure she was VERY comfortable. As it turned out she made it more than worth the effort on my part. If I had gotten the "VIBE" she was trying to pull one over on me I would have simply left her there (she could find her way to the bus depot with out issue).

  • Overall -

    Sexy, beautiful and eager to please SB with a lot of potential. The upsides are there, but I doubt I will pursue this one meeting due to the distance. I will have a few more conversations to see how often she could (realistically) come down to area. I will inform her about the "pay to play" model and leave it up to her.

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